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Any person is authorised to view, copy, print and reproduce the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited (AFCA)’s published de-identified determinations for personal information and/or other non-commercial purposes.

Notwithstanding the above, AFCA permits published de-identified determinations to be reproduced or published provided that:
  • any reproduction or publication of the determination is completely unaltered
  • AFCA is acknowledged as maker and author of the determination,
  • the document or web page reproducing the material includes an active link to AFCA’s website address ( and an active link to the AFCA web page hosting the full published determination
  • any analysis or commentary about the determination is clearly attributable to the author of that analysis or commentary, and not AFCA, and is readily distinguishable from the content of the determination
  • the reproduction or publication does not also contain material which is inconsistent with the de-identification of the determination.

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Sometimes we will hold a telephone conciliation conference with both parties. This is conducted informally. It provides the parties with a chance to hear the other’s perspective in a conversation facilitated by us. During a conciliation we will normally provide the parties with guidance on the issues raised in the complaint and what outcome might be provided if the complaint proceeded to Determination.

We try to resolve complaints in the most fair, effective and efficient way possible. We will generally try to first resolve a complaint by informal methods, and reach a settlement between you and the financial firm through negotiation or conciliation.

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) considers a wide range of complaints from consumers and small businesses about financial firms.